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Komin–Flex Sp. z o.o. [LLC], a Polish company, has been a manufacturer of modern acid-proof steel chimney systems and ventilation components since 1991. We are among the pioneers who have implemented such solutions in the Polish market.
Longstanding experience in designing and manufacturing allow us to offer functional and cost-efficient solutions of chimney and ventilation systems. To come up to our clients’ expectations we have been implementing new system solutions, such as the SPS, WSPS, cascade or SAMBUD systems. With our clients’ feedback, we continually improve our products in order to provide an advanced product, safe in operation, which offers really good value for money.
Our offer is aimed at individual users, as well as workshops, wholesalers, housing estate cooperatives and industrial plants.
Our motto is quality and compliance with the national and European standards. All our products are accompanied by relevant certificates and permits, while raw materials have been attested by manufacturers’ declarations of conformity.
Our company has been granted Plant Production Control Certificate and our products have been approved for PN-EN 1856-1:2004, PN-EN 1856-2:2005 standards. Since June 2005 the products have been CE-marked.
We are among the first companies to have been certified with PN-EN ISO 9001:2001 Quality Management Standard.
Komin-Flex products have been approved and recommended by the Polish Corporation of Chimney-Sweeps and the Chimney-Sweep Foundation for Fire and Environment Protection. They owe renown due to their reliability, proven by numerous prizes and honourable mentions in the trade.
We co-operate with a number of companies, organisations and institutions in promoting modern, energy-efficient and environmentally-friendly heating systems. We are a member of the Polish Chimneys Association.
All interested parties are welcome to contact us and we guarantee professional and competent cooperation.

Management Board and Employees of Komin-Flex Sp. z o.o.